The 3rd Symposium of the 'Color' of Digital Imaging in Biomedicine
ChairpersonYoichi MIYAKE, Chiba University
Steered byDigital Biocolor Society
Sponsored byThe Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
The Medical Information System Development Center
TermJuly 14(Sat.), 2001
The Special Lecture Hall of the Building No.1, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Two minutes walk from JR Chuo-Line Ochanomizu Station, or nearby Subway Marunouchi Line Ochanomizu Station. Please consult the map at the home page indicated below)
1-5-45, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8519, JAPAN / Tel 81-3-3813-6111 (the main number)
While the wide spread of digital imaging in medicine, for instance, telemedicine and electronic patient records, is going to generate various problems concerning the color inconsistently reproduced by various display equipment, the multispectral imaging which has far superior accuracy in color reproduction is going to be put into practical use. With the aim of an intensive interdisciplinary research collaboration of medicine and engineering sciences, Digital Biocolor Society was established at the second symposium held in April of last year. Moreover, an authoritative textbook written in English was published last February, compiled with major achievements of recent studies in this emerging field. At this third symposium, panel discussions will be focused on the roles medical scientists expect of engineering science to play in this inter-disciplinary research endeavor, and vice versa, for the purpose of promoting further collaborative activities. As in the case of the second symposium, fruitful discussions are welcome and expected from a lot of active attendees.
(All titles are linked to Japanese proceedings and some to English summaries)

10:00-10:10 Intoruduction

Real time spectral image processing for skin components analysis
Daisuke Nakao, Norimichi Tsumura, Yoichi Miyake
Dept. of Information and Image Science, Chiba University

Gonio-photometric measurement of skin reflectance and its modeling
Hiroko Murakami, Hisafumi Horii, Norimichi Tsumura, Yoichi Miyake
Dept. of Information and Image Science, Chiba University

Color calibration of digital camera for skin color reproduction using variable optical color patch
Takahiro Kuroiwa, Kanae Miyazawa*, Norimichi Tsumura,
Markku Hauta-Kasari**, Nobutoshi Ojima***,
Satoshi Toyooka*, Yoichi Miyake
Dept. of Information and Image Science, Chiba University
*Saitama University, **Joensuu University, ***Kao Corporation

Analyzing the effect of cosmetic essence by independent component analysis for skin color images
Hideto Shimizu, Norimichi Tsumura, Nobutoshi Ojima*, Yoichi Miyake
Dept. of Information and Image Science, Chiba University
*Kao Corporation

Compression of multi-spectral images for color reproduction - Application to Skin image -
Yuri Murakami* **, Hiroyuki Manabe***, Takashi Obi** ***,
Masahiro Yamaguchi** ***, Nagaaki Ohyama* **
*Frontier Collaborative Research Center,
**TAO of Japan Akasaka Natural Vision Research Center,
***Tokyo Inst. of Tech. Imaging Sci. & Eng. Lab

13:30-14:30 Invited Talk
Color-armed Diagnosis and Treatment of Esophagial Malignancies
Prof. Teruo Kouzu, Chiba University Medical School

Analysis of tissue samples using transmittance spectra - The method of considering the differences of dyeing conditions
Keiko Fujii, Masahiro Yamaguchi*, Nagaaki Ohyama**, Kiyoshi Mukai***
TAO Natural Vision Akasaka R. C.,
*Tokyo Inst. of Tech. Imaging Sci. & Eng. Lab.,
**Tokyo Inst. of Tech. Frontier Collaborating R.C.,
***Tokyo medical school

Improvement of image quality of electro-endoscope by narrowing spectral feature of observation light
Kazuhiro Gono* **, Masahiro Yamaguchi*, Nagaaki Ohyama**
*Olympus Optical Co.,
**Tokyo Inst. of Tech. Imaging Sci. & Eng. Lab.

Publication of 'Digital Color Imaging in Biomedicine'
Masahiro Nishibori
Tokyo Medical and Dental University

15:50-16:30 Basic Seminar
Hyper-Network Society with Cell Phone G3
Masahiro Nishibori
Tokyo Medical and Dental University

16:30-17:00 Discussion

17:00-19:00 Reception Party
An e-mail including the participant's name, the affiliation, the degree, the postal address, the telephone number, the fax number and the e-mail address must be received by the secretariat, by the deadline of Sun, July 1, 2001. The registration fee of 4,000 Japanese Yen (approximately 33 US$, including seminars, a name plate, the proceedings and an issue of the electronic journal) should be paid at the reception desk of the venue. The registration fee for students is reduced to 2,000 Japanese Yen, and participants resident outside Japan are exempted from paying the registration fee. Participants without the advance registration as instructed above may lose their opportunities to get the proceedings.
(1) Your paper must be received by the secretariat, by the deadline of Sat, June 30, 2001.
(2) The official languages for presentation is Japanese (no simultaneous translation will be provided), and the time given to each speaker will be 15 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. Every presentation should be made by OHP sheets, slide films or a LCD projector, and the speakers are expected to operate every equipment and to prepare the computer used with a LCD projector by themselves. Speakers should meet at the reception desk by 30 minutes before the scheduled time for each presentation which will be found in the program.
(3) An electronic version of a scientific journal including the same papers as the proceedings or revised versions of them, summaries of oral discussions, slide films and every other material will be published and sent to all participants through the internet, including participants who could not actually attend the meeting so that they can get almost the same information as attendees. Every author will be expected to submit these materials to the secretariat by the deadline of Fri, June 27, 2001. Papers in Japanese must be accompanied with a summary and legends written in English to help non-Japanese speaking participants.
(4) Any author who encounters difficulties in following the instructions mentioned above should feel free to consult the secretariat, to obtain every kind of assistance.
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