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Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium of the 'Color' of Digital Imaging in Biology and Medicine,
12.1-12.2, 2000.03.25



西堀 眞弘*1 (mn.mlab@tmd.ac.jp)、藤田 哲史*2

The 2nd Symposium of the 'Color' of Digital Imaging in Biology and Medicine

Research Plan Proposals

Development of a Practical Color Calibration Method
for a CD-ROM Atlas of Hematology

Masahiro NISHIBORI*1 (mn.mlab@tmd.ac.jp), Tetsushi FUJITA*1
*1Clinical Laboratory, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Medical Hospital
*2ATMS, Co., Ltd.

1. Objectives of the project : In hematological diagnosis, the colors of stained dyes themselves as well as their change in color caused by various chemical reactions with the components of each blood cell are considered as extremely important. So not only effective but also practical methods for precise color reproduction of digitized images should be developed for issuing a CD-ROM based educational atlas of blood cells.
2. Background for the collaboration : Specialists in laboratory medicine decide the quality of images required for medical education. Specialists of color in engineering science investigate the technological factors required to reproduce precise colors on various displays. An editor specialized in CD-ROM based medical textbooks provides advice on users' demand and practical costs.
3. Scientific and technical description of the project including methodology : As recommended by Morphological Internet Survey Research Project Team, typical specimens are grouped according to the similarity of their colors and most typical ones are picked up from each group to compose a set of practical calibrators to be used to adjust colors reproduced by the display equipment of each users.
4. Possible collaborators to be invited : Researchers interested in this project, especially specialists in the science of color able to offer the technological basis for grouping by color, and specialists in hematology able to evaluate th final products are cordially welcome to join this research endeavor.