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The Symposium of
the 'Color' of Digital Imaging
in Biology and Medicine

   This home page is maintained by Preparatory Committee for Digital Biocolor Society having grown from the Executive Committee for the Symposium of the 'Color' of Digital Imaging in Medicine to announce its processes and its results, to seek the advice or the comments from the interested people and to return its harvests to the public. The detail materials are now being translated into English and will be seen at this home page soon.


[From the Secretariat General/2000.02.02]
The home page of Digital Biocolor Society has just been set up. The the announcement of the 2nd Symposium of the 'Color' of Digital Imaging in Biology and Medicine, proceedings of 1st symposium, a related TV program, research papers and contents of home pages for reference, etc. can be obtained there. Further announcements will appear only at that home page.

[From the Chair of Preparatory Committee for Digital Biocolor Society/1999.10.21]
I would like to announce that Preparatory Committee for Digital Biocolor Society was just established thanks to many enthusiastic people concerend. To make the society more successful, we need more and ceaseless help of all of you. A lot of materials in English for your reference will be prepared soon, please stay tuned at this home page.

Hiroshi TANAKA

[From the Chair of the Executive Committee/1999.05.10]
It is my great pleasure that the symposium was attended by far more number of the people than we had expected and that they made enthusiastic discussions during the conference. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of the participants, the speakers, the members of the executive committee, the cooperative company and the staff of Department of Bio-informatics, Medical Research Center of Tokyo Medical and Dental University for the great success of this symposium.
To evolve this valuable results, the second and more symposia are planned, so we expect more and ceaseless help of all of you. Please stay tuned at this home page.

Hiroshi TANAKA

[From the Secretariat General/1999.05.10]
The proceedings (mainly written in Japanese) including a CD-ROM are distributed at 3,000 yen apiece. Peaple who wants should contact at the secretariat of the executive committee.

[From the Chair of the Executive Committee/1999.05.04]
This is the first symposium entitled "the Symposium of the 'Color' of Digital Imaging in Medicine" that will be held 8th-9th May, 1999 in Japan, aimed at the standardization of the color representation of various digitized medical images.
   We recognize the importance of the consensus which should be made among the various people concerned to the telemedicine, the electronical medical record and every other medical fields in which digitized images are used, and at this home page we will do our best to announce fresh and detailed information on the congress and its results, so please feel free to make any comments and to send them to the secretariat of the executive committee.


The 1st Symposium of the 'Color' of Digital Imaging in Medicine

8th-9th May, 1999

The special lecture hall of the school of dentistry,
Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Ochanomizu, Tokyo, Japan

-Official language:
Japanese (English may be used but no simultaneous translation provided)

 In the medical area, intensive use of the multimedia technology is rapidly
progressing, and digital images will soon be common not only in medical
practice, but also in medical education and research activities. Though,
there is no standard of the color reproduction of digital images for various
displays, and two identical images may be diagnosed differently if they are
displayed using different equipments. This problem will arise in almost all
medical fields, especially in the telemedicine and in the electronic medical
records, so a comprehensive solution must be given before the spread of
these equipments without any standardization.
 From this point of view, a symposium will be set up to identify the
problems on 'color' of digital images in various medical fields, and to
establish some consensus on the solution of these problems among concerned
people who have various backgrounds.

-Program outlined:
5/8 10:50 Opening address

5/8 11:00-12:00 Special Lecture
'Color management in the movie industry' by Kazuya KONAKA, movie director

5/8 14:00-15:00 Keynote address
'Rapid progress of the multimedia in medicine and the increasing importance of the
color' by Hiroshi TANAKA, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

5/8 15:00-18:00 Panel discussion (Part 1)
'Cooperation of Power Users in Medicine and Specialists of Color
Technologies for Pioneering a New Frontier' by 7 speakers on spectroscopic
colormetry, colors in digital video, image capture and display, multiband imaging,
multispectra camera, color management, and color standardizaion in morphorogical
laboratory tests.

5/9 09:00-12:00 Panel discussion (Part 2)
'Digital Imaging and Its Color Management in the Medical
Forefront' by 7 speakers from gastroendoscopy, anatomical pathology,
nursing and care, dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, neurosurgery and legal

5/8, 5/9
4 'meet the expert' seminars
5 tutrial seminars
2 luncheon seminars (free)

5/8-9 Exhibitions of commercial products

5/8 19:00-21:00 Social meeting

active participant: 5,000 Yen (including one seminar fee)
seminar attendant: 2,000 Yen / seminar

-Sponsored by:
The Executive Committee for the Symposium of the 'Color' of
Digital Imaging in Medicine

-Co-sponsored by:
The Morphological Internet Survey Research Project Team

The Executive Committee
ChairHiroshi TANAKATokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan
MemberKen-ichi KATSUOsaka Medical University, Japan
MemberSeiichi TAMAINational Defense Medical College, Japan
MemberKenji KITAHARATokyo Jikeikai Medical College, Japan
MemberYumiko UTOKagoshima University, Japan
MemberToshihiko NUMAHARAKagawa Medical College, Japan
MemberShigeru KANOUNational Tochigi Hospital
MemberHiroshi ISEKITokyo Women's Medical University, Japan
MemberAkiko UCHIDATsukuba University, Japan
MemberKiyoshi MATSUIOsaka Medical University, Japan
MemberNagaaki MAKIAlpha-media Inc., Japan
Secretary GeneralMasahiro NISHIBORITokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan

The Cooperative Company
1999.04.14Image & Measurment, Inc.
1999.05.07Kodak Japan Ltd.
1999.05.10Atoms Inc.
1999.05.07Toshiba Corporation Medical Systems Company
1999.05.20OLYMPUS Optical Co., Ltd.
1999.05.31NAGASE & CO., LTD.
1999.05.31Sun Microsystems
1999.05.31TOYO Corporation
1999.06.15Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
1999.06.18Silicon Graphics, Inc.
1999.07.12NEC Corporation
1999.07.15Victor Company of Japan, Limited

Any comment or suggestion would be welcome.

The secretariat
1-5-45, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8519, JAPAN
c/o Clinical Laboratory, Tokyo Madical and Dental University Medical Hospital
TEL: 81-3-5803-5628 FAX: 81-3-5684-3618
E-mail: mn.mlab@med.tmd.ac.jp

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May 4, 1999

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