------------- Digital Biocolor News No.0055 [2015.12.25] -------------

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 「Digital Biocolor News」はデジタルバイオカラー研究会の発行する会員
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  ホームページ: http://biocolor.umin.ac.jp/
  電子メール : biocolor-soc@umin.ac.jp

-----------------------[Digital Biocolor News]------------------------

任期満了日 理事氏名(常任理事の役職名)
2016.12.31 田中 博(会長)
2016.12.31 三宅 洋一(副会長)
2016.12.31 西堀 眞弘(総務担当理事)
2016.12.31 津村 徳道(会計担当理事)
2016.12.31 Debu MUKHOPADHYAY(出版担当理事)
2016.12.31 沼原 利彦
2016.12.31 小島 伸俊
2016.12.31 伊関 洋
2016.12.31 Pradip Kumar DEB
2016.12.31 國武 惠明
2016.12.31 春岡 龍男
2015.12.31 高橋 良治
2015.12.31 関谷 尊臣
2015.12.31 永原 國彦
2015.12.31 Debaprasad CHAUDHURI
2015.12.31 法橋 尚宏
2015.12.31 谷 重喜
2015.12.31 Jong-Hyun YOON
2015.12.31 山口 雅浩
2015.12.31 前川 高天
2015.12.31 申 洪
2015.12.31 竹谷 勝



[2015.12.25 総務担当理事 西堀 眞弘]
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'Digital Biocolor News' is an electronic newsletter published by the
Digital Biocolor Society for its registered members. Back issues are
posted under the heading 'About the Society - Publication' in the
Society's home page shown below.
(Documents with the extension ".pdf" require the latest version of
Acrobat Reader, which is distributed free at http://www.adobe.com/)

Contact Digital Biocolor Society at:
 home page: http://biocolor.umin.ac.jp/
 e-mail: biocolor-soc@umin.ac.jp

If you would not like to receive the succeeding issues, please send
an e-mail to biocolor-soc@umin.ac.jp with the words "remove me" in
the body of the message.
Notice : [Announcement of an election of the Executive Directors]
----------------------[Digital Biocolor News]------------------------
Notice : [Announcement of an election of the Executive Directors]
The terms of office of the present Executive Directors were earlier
decided as follows.

end of terms    name of the Executive Directors
Dec. 31, 2016   Hiroshi TANAKA, President
Dec. 31, 2016   Yoichi MIYAKE, Vice President
Dec. 31, 2016   Masahiro NISHIBORI, Secretary
Dec. 31, 2016   Norimichi TSUMURA, Treasurer
Dec. 31, 2016   Debu MUKHOPADHYAY, Publication Chairperson
Dec. 31, 2016   Toshihiko NUMAHARA
Dec. 31, 2016   Nobutoshi OJIMA
Dec. 31, 2016   Hiroshi ISEKI
Dec. 31, 2016   Pradip Kumar DEB
Dec. 31, 2016   Toshiaki KUNITAKE
Dec. 31, 2016   Tatsuo HARUOKA
Dec. 31, 2015   Yoshiharu TAKAHASHI
Dec. 31, 2015   Takaomi SEKIYA
Dec. 31, 2015   Kunihiko NAGAHARA
Dec. 31, 2015   Debaprasad CHAUDHURI
Dec. 31, 2015   Naohiro HOHASHI
Dec. 31, 2015   Shigeki TANI
Dec. 31, 2015   Jong-Hyun YOON
Dec. 31, 2015   Masahiro YAMAGUCHI
Dec. 31, 2015   Takama MAEKAWA
Dec. 31, 2015   Hong SHEN
Dec. 31, 2015   Masaru TAKEYA

The President proposes that the Executive Directors whose terms of
office shall end on December 31, 2015 will be re-appointed for the
next term. The President asks you whether you approve it or not.
Please send your opinion to the secretariat before December 31, 2015.
If you do not reply within this time limit, you will be considered to
have left the decision to the President's discretion.

[Dec. 25, 2015, Secretary, Masahiro NISHIBORI]